A little about us…

Benson is only a little over a year old , and I estimate another year of teamwork, training & “mellowing” before we can both take our certification & socialization tests.

  • We must pass cleanliness standards, diet requirements, and be up-to-date in many other matters—including immunization, local licensing and regular doctor & veterinary examsto prevent introducing any pathogens into places we visit.
  • Benson & I both must demonstrate our ability to work together, and with others, in close and sometimes hectic environments and be tested to renew our certification regularly. 
    We must observe & listen to others and stay attentive to our interactions to ensure everyone has a safe and pleasant experience;
    we continually educate ourselves, perform our drills in order to hone our skills.
  • We are non-judgmental companions who can act as intermediaries or facilitators in difficult & challenging situations and environments with varied types of people.  We’ve learned many basic commands & regularly do “drills” where we exercise our minds & bodies while learning observation & social skills.

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