March-ing into the new year…

We often reflect and comment that we find ourselves marching forward in time whether we like it or not.  Often, we are told to “keep up” and not feeling as though we quite can, or never will.

Recently someone linked a very motivational commentary on March and the attitude with which we approach the coming spring.  We like to make ‘resolutions’ and desire to March along into that changing world with each new year, during spring – the season of rebirth.  Even in a changing world, some things are inevitable.  We suffer old & new setbacks, encounter opportunities for old & new experiences, and unfortunately we often fall back to only the old tools and ways.

Sometimes we lead ourselves to believe that security is latching to the known and locking down the plan, as if life always flows in one direction.  My car did that once–only worked in reverse; but never my universe.  I’m no different though… looking ahead to emptying “death rooms” now, exploring the land and cultures of the region, and training with Benson.  This next year with Benson will be about self-discipline and discovering our style and strengths.

Moving forward means hours of training, and bonding, to attempt our certifications in the spring & summer of 2013.  What about after that? Perhaps a walk-for-life, a Maine MS walk?  Maybe the infamous Appalachian Trail & Acadia next? Those would be true tests of our ability and endurance, skill-trails&trials… in every sense of the words.

We don’t really know if it’s going to be “a ‘step’ at a time–OR ALL AT ONCE, tumbling over– so goes the universe.  Maybe just look to the stars, reorient ourselves, and ‘ride the cycle’ again.’  Most of us are hopeful though; praying that however long it takes– IT’S ALL ON THE BUCKET LIST!

Benson is a quick learner and has a big heart.  He tries to squirrel-away treats, jumps fences, and hog toys.  He pretends to sleep so he can have a few more minutes sleeping in the big bed, and takes long drinks at the water bowl–so he can stay up and hang with family & friends a few minutes longer!  He directs that fun-loving and spirited attitude into every friendship we make.

Benson is going to make a great pet partner teammate; he’s already a great friend.  Looking forward to the  fresh air, the majestic places, new pet-partners & friends along the way–because Benson’s buddies know it’s about the company we keep.